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Welcome to The Brompton Health and Wellbeing Magazine, designed to raise awareness of health and wellness at work in the NHS and the healthcare industry.

This premiere lifestyle and wellbeing magazine for the healthcare industry is an informative resource of information and makes for a great read. Some of the topics featured include complementary health, careers in the healthcare sector, plus well-being support for patients, their carers and families.

The information presented in this magazine offers complementary support for patients to live better lives and for healthcare workers to enjoy better careers. Read on to learn more about what this lifestyle and wellbeing magazine has to offer.

This is an interactive magazine because readers are invited to contribute stories and information on health topics that they want to see covered. The magazine features not only general information on a variety of relevant topics, but features industry news, health remedies, and personal viewpoints. Some of the topics covered include exercise and relaxation techniques, nutrition, wellbeing remedies, and lifestyle news. Readers get to receive vital information that helps them battle issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Raising awareness

The need to raise awareness for workers in the healthcare industry is what serves as the inspiration for this magazine’s creation. It serves to develop a community platform on which those in the industry can do business, support health and wellbeing events, and get constructive feedback. This helps to increase the level of spirituality and caring in the industry that is important in promoting optimal health in patients. It can serve to lower staff absenteeism, as healthcare workers will generate a sense of passion and increased responsibility about their jobs and the patients with whom they work.

Through this magazine, the spotlight will also focus on complementary practitioners and funding for important healthcare projects is achievable as organizations get connected with sponsors.

Starting out with only six sponsors in 2010, the magazine now has 25 sponsors and that number continues to grow. Many understand how important it is to raise awareness for healthcare organizations that focus on alternative health and wellness. Patients also find the magazine to be extremely helpful in assisting them in obtaining the best possible health status for them, as readership continues to increase.

The value of alternative health methods is demonstrated in the popularity of Staff Wellness days, which happen to be a huge success with both staff and patients. During these events, sponsors provide services, such as massage, acupuncture, reflexology, Indian head massage therapy, Office Feng Shui, wardrobe consultancy and make-overs. The event helps many to boost their emotional health and mental health while reducing fatigue and tiredness. The event gets fully booked every year.

Sponsors love the idea of pampering others for a good cause. The staff wellness day could not take place without their support by means of donating time and monetary assistance. It is because of sponsors, the magazine is able to link communities together and encourage other partnership fundraising events.

This lifestyle and wellbeing magazine is successful in fulfilling its purpose of raising brand awareness and attracting sponsors to alternative health events. The sponsors are happy to take part in both the magazine and the events every year. It is easy for them to connect because they can apply online and as they subscribe to be a part of this very important focus on health, they get to be featured in the magazine and raise awareness for their own organization.

This is something that any charity, practitioner, alternative therapist, or healthcare organization can be proud to be a part of. Through their participation in this magazine, they are able to help many people and support their own organization. If you would like more information on how we can support fundraising in your organization, please contact us today.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy!

Ros Editor