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Reflexology is a tool, a mirror, a map, an organic feedback mechanism, that is here to support the body and soul, whilst creating homeostatic responses so that you may walk lightly upon the earth..

I am a fully qualified (2007), insured and dedicated member of the  Association of Reflexologists & ART registered practitioner.

I first trained at the Central London College of Reflexology with Sally Earlam and then later on I completed the Advanced Reflexology Training with Tony Porter. I also specialise in Maternity and fertility reflexology.

I have a keen interest in all subjects pertaining to be Holistic , my concurrent studies include Nerve reflexology, Australian Bush flower Essences, & Druidism.

I’m available to do home visits or provide reflexology via the Perseverence clinic in Richmond where I rent a therapy room ad hoc.

I offer sliding scale Prices for those in receipt of benefits, full time students, and the over 65’s.


Doctor Dapeng Zhang

 Doctor Dapeng Zhang BSc.(hons), MSc. has accumulated a wealth of experience in practice, teaching and writing over twenty years.  He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the City of Tianjin University, before becoming a doctor in the city’s hospital. After two years at a teaching hospital in Chicago, USA, he came to the United Kingdom, residing firstly in Manchester where, after establishing a successful practice, he became a regular TCM columnist for the Manchester Evening News.

T: +44 (0) 7766 495 158 E:




Sarah Hurley
Reflexologist FMAR MIFL CNHC


07709 651 786 / 020 7622 5119

I offer reflexology for all ages
Experienced in reflexology during pre conception,
pregnancy and  post natal care.

My treatments combine the following techniques:
Head, neck and shoulder massage
Intuitive sole to soul treatments
Natural lift facial massage and Reiki.

energising and rejuvenating – total bliss!


Vivien Gibson

What a client says
Amazing reflexology has relaxed me physically and made me more mentally alert.”

I’m Vivien Gibson I practise reflexology to bring about better health. Reflexologists vary in the way they work: my way is to work in a relaxing but therapeutic way on the feet, and you will not find that the treatment is too heavy for you. I am clinic-based in south-west London and can do home visits for reflexology in certain cases. I am a Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR).

Being in south-west (SW) London, I am in easy distance of places like Fulham (SW6), Putney (SW15), Wimbledon (SW19), Roehampton (SW15), Chelsea (SW3) and Wandsworth (SW18). If you are not able to get to me then in certain circumstances I will do home visits for people who live in southwest London.

As well as the practice of reflexology, I can also incorporate other techniques for those clients who ask for them. In particular I am qualified in Colour Energy Therapy and hold a Diploma of Colour. My approach here is unusual in that I shine carefully chosen coloured lights onto the body as this can give a powerful healing impact. I do not do home visits for treatments which involve colour.

There is a video about me and coloured light therapy on YouTube.

Tel: 07970 950 316





Reflexology in London
Anna Chrempinska AoR

Anna Chrempinska Reflexology Clinic








Tony Manmohan

Reflexology & Chair Massage Therapies

t: 020 7732 3435

Leonie Pape

I first qualified as a Massage Practitoner then shortly after qualified as a Reflexology Practitioner and have since continued to expanded my knowledge with additional professional qualifications including: Pre-conception, Pregnancy & Post-natal Care, Spinal Reflexology and more recently Baby & Toddler Reflex TM where I teach parents to treat their own baby/toddler with specialised Reflexology techniques.

Additional therapies I find a good complement to Reflexology and practice include Indian Head Massage, Facial Massage, Ear Candling and Reiki either as a stand alone therapy or as a combination dependant on my clients needs.

Treatments: Indian Head Massage,  Pre and Post Natal Massage,  Reflexology,

Facial Rejuvenation (massage), Reflexology – Maternity , Massage, Ear Candling

8 East Street
Kent BR1 1QX
Telephone 020 8313 9898


Rima Shah –

As an introduction, I’m Rima Shah and I am a natural healthcare & skincare expert and a multi-disciplinary Holistic Therapist, as well as being the owner of Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies.

The therapies I practice include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Maternity Massage/Aromatherapy
  • Maternity Reflexology
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder technique)
  • Indian Head Massage (Indian Champissage™)
  • Facial Rejuvenation (Natural Facelift massage)
  • Holistic Facials
  • Thermo-Auricular Therapy® (Ear Candling)
  • Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot Massage

I have been involved in the complementary health field for over thirteen years.  My career in health started many years ago while I was at university, and since then I have achieved a BSc degree in Life Sciences, which includes anatomy and physiology.  After this I studied my various complementary therapy treatments, while also working within stressful office and retail environments – many of these within the NHS. From this I fully understand and appreciate the increasing stresses and strains life throws at us every day.

My extensive experience has qualified me to give special, individual treatments, ranging from a pampering facial to deep back work or an indulgent head, neck and shoulder treatment.  I am very enthusiastic and determined about my work, and I believe in guiding people to help them feel at their optimum, so that everyone can achieve a level of peace, tranquillity and harmony within themselves.

The choice of treatment used is designed and customised for each individual after an initial consultation. I come from an Indian Ayurvedic background, which allows me to incorporate the Ayurvedic principles into all my treatments.  Specialised lifestyle and aftercare advice with suggestions about how to help maintain the improvements between treatments is given following each session.

At Calm and Clear Complementary Therapies I specialise in treating female conditions, preconception, pregnancy (both prenatal and postnatal), stress and digestive health.

Additionally, I am a Complementary Therapies lecturer, and I specialise in teaching postgraduate courses to practitioners, as well as running workshops for midwives. I also hold various workshops and talks for the general public. I raise funds for a variety of charities and events.

I have featured in a number of magazines/newspapers and on national TV and radio.  I also treat many well known, high profile and celebrity clients and I maintain a large client base at my clinics around Central and North London.

I am fully insured and I am a member of a range of professional organisations including AoR and CNHC.

A range of gifts, package treatments and gift vouchers are also available.



DJ Aquamanda

Mary Dalgleish

Head 2 Toe Massage encapsulates my own personal journey in the wonderful world of complementary therapies as well as the range of treatments I now offer my clients.

As far back as I can remember I suffered from various niggling health issues such as ear infections, sinus problems, mild hair loss and digestive disorders. These were not particularly serious problems but nonetheless they but were enough to leave me feeling congested, tired and generally ‘under the weather’ most of the time. In fact I almost got used to not feeling great and whenever I felt particularly bad I headed off to see my doctor who usually prescribed a course of antibiotics or other such medication.

In the 1990’s I began to explore the world of complementary therapies as I woke up to the fact that perhaps my health problems could be cleared up if I got to the root, rather than continually addressing the symptoms. Following advice from my sister who was studying diet and nutrition, I began to make changes to my diet and found that by reducing the amount of dairy products I consumed, my sinus congestion and ear disorders were greatly relieved. I became fascinated with Aromatherapy which appeared to help my digestive problems, Indian Head Massage which improved the condition of my hair, Facial Rejuvenation which did wonders for my skin and my self esteem, Ear Candling which alleviated my ear disorders and Reflexology which had an overall balancing effect on my whole being from head to toe! I gained qualifications in all of these therapies and moved from my job as a teacher of children to practising and teaching complementary therapies full time.

I have my own therapy practice in a calm welcoming room in my home near Wimbledon.  Details of all my treatments can be found on my website

As well as working to earn money which we all have to do, I occasionally like to volunteer my services as a therapist for a worthy cause such as the Staff Wellness day at the Royal Brompton.  It was a very enjoyable day for me and I met lots of great people.

I also work as a volunteer for a group called “Wellbeing in the Caring Professions” offering free, short workshops of approximately 50 minutes for staff in caring professions who face a special challenge every day. Not only do we have to find our own way through life, but others turn to us looking for our care, our understanding and our respect. During the workshop we present video clips of international speaker Prem Rawat who has been helping people (including me!) find personal peace for more than four decades.  We introduce topics that affect us all such as ‘knowing who you are’, ‘sacrificing yourself’ ‘losing a loved one’, ‘true success’, ‘the basic questions’ etc.   We look together at some important and sensitive issues, discuss their relevance to the caring professions and identify other issues that especially affect us and those we care for.   The feedback on these sessions has been excellent with attendees reporting a positive influence on their own outlook and mood. For further information or to book a workshop for staff, please email Wellbeing in the Caring Professions co-coordinator Fred Grant at

I once heard a quote which really resonated with me and it was “Find a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. I vowed that one day I would feel this way about my job and I can now honestly say that I do.


Edward Franklin

Hands on Therapy

Saraya Afolabi

I developed an interest in complementary therapies many years ago as I found these beneficial in helping me to manage my stress levels.  I received my first reflexology treatment four years ago as I was curious about this particular treatment.  Following my treatment, I was surprised to find that I slept soundly that night and felt refreshed the next day.  I received another treatment whilst on holiday in Dubai a few months later and felt extremely relaxed and at ease both during and after the session.  I wanted to find out more about reflexology and decided train at the Central London College of Reflexology in Covent Garden a year later.

Cancerkin’s East London Project at St Joseph’s Hospice

I treat men and women of all ages, providing a professional yet caring treatment to clients with a variety of needs and requirements; some of my most popular treatments focus on providing stress relief, easing pain, and encouraging relaxation. My experience also includes giving reflexology treatments to women recovering from breast cancer at Cancerkin’s East London Project at St Joseph’s Hospice.

I believe in continuing my professional development and attend regular workshops and classes to further my knowledge.  I am fully insured and a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.


My special offers include:Introduce a friend and get a ½ price treatment,

Buy 1 treatment and get the second one half price


Available in London Bridge

1 Hour Treatment – £45

30 Minutes Treatment – £25


Tel: 07816 501 211



Teresa Meekings MAR

I qualified as a reflexologist with the Association of Reflexologists (AOR) in 2007, after having experienced the benefits of a series of treatments following a cycle accident.  Initially I wanted to be able to use the therapy for family and friends, but soon realised that giving the treatment is almost as good as receiving it and this is what I wanted to do rather than office work.

The pace at which we live our lives and the demands made on our bodies, both from our work and home lives, creates tension that can lead to illness. We all need to take time out for ourselves, allow someone else look after us, especially if our jobs or home lives mean that we are a care giver.The power of touch is amazing and relaxing; when we are relaxed, the body has the opportunity to heal itself and relieve stress and tension. 

“Really excellent treatments” – “truly ‘magical’ “– “very relaxing, an absolute ‘God send’

I am a member of the AOR and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC) and with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for Data Protection).  I am fully insured, hold a current first aid at work and undertake regular development training to improve my knowledge and skills. I hold a current CRB certificate. I provide a reflexology service for Carers for Hammersmith and Fulham Council and volunteer as a reflexologist at the UCLH Macmillan Cancer Centre in central London. I practice foot reflexology, massage for the head and hands, Thai foot massage, natural face lift massage and baby and toddler reflex.

I hold “Talk and Tips” sessions and baby and toddler reflex workshops, teaching parents reflexology techniques to use with their baby or toddler. I am available for special events, birthdays and anniversaries. I operate principally in Hammersmith and Fulham, but will consider travelling further if easily accessible by public transport.

Discounts are available for multiple session bookings.

Teresa Meekings MAR,
CHNC registered Reflexologist
Life in Balance
Mob: 07790 115 491

Sibu Moyo
Skinny Fibre

An all natural weight loss product made up of 3 blended ingredients Glucomannan, Caralluma and Cha de Bugre. Glucomannan is a unique all natural soluble dietary fibre that expands up to 50 times its size in  your stomach helping you overcome thre #1 enemy of weight loss – over-eating and cravings. In addition it collects and removes fat from the colon wall, thereby promoting bowel elimination, while absorbing intestinal toxins and helping normalise blood sugar.

The Caralluma is a plant that has been used as a natural appetite suppressant in India for centuries particularly in times of famine. It is believed to block the formation of fat, forcing fat reserves to be burned and helps to lower blood sugar.

The Cha de Bugre is the Brazilian secret to weight loss because of its ability to stimulate fat burning by working to gently energise your metabolism while at the same time helping to lower your cravings for food.
Contact Sibu Moyo  Tel: 07429149061



Simonida (Simi) Kozelj, MAR, MFHT, CNHC

Who cares for the carer? Having spent 24 hours in the hospital, in care of medical staff, I have asked myself this question many times. As a complementary therapist I have met people from many fields of life, lots of them being constantly under stress affecting  their health, family /social life and work. Those working in the medical field, especially in hospitals, often have to put the needs of the others before their own. This is why as a therapist I concentrate on reducing  stress and helping my clients find holistic ways of relaxation that fit in their everyday life.

Being a sponsor in Royal Brompton Hospital was an amazing experience for me.  I had a chance to meet the staff  working in one of the most stressful work environments and  I was proud to have been able to provide a few moments to unwind.  I have noticed, however,  that there were some difficulties with loosening up and would probably need Pampering Days on more regular basis.

As a Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Laughter Yoga Leader I could think of different ways for quick and regular stress release in the workplace. Simple and efficient hand reflexology techniques can be taught to anyone are instantly at hand. Aromatherapy can help lift the moods when you are having a bad day, especially when combined with deep breathing techinques. Those with little babies could learn Baby Reflex techniques for naturally calming the baby and helping their child with the niggling pains. These techniques can be used any time and anywhere without the need to undress the child.

I believe that everybody working in hospital, as well as the patients, could benefit from myrthful laughter provided by Laughter Yoga, which was developed by a medical doctor Madan Kataria while studying researches on effects of laughter on human health. It involves laughter for no reason, light exercise and yogic breathing. Laughter brings more oxygen in the body, depletes the antioxydants (also caused by stress) and raises the levels of „happy hormones“. It promotes work motivation and positive outlook at life.

I am qualified in Reflexology (maternity, spinal, Baby Reflex, etc.), Aromatherapy, Nutritional Advice (non-medical), head/neck/back massage and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, member of AoR and FHT, and registered with CNHC and NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Therapists.

I work mainly as a mobile therapist as well as on various locations in London. Sessions are available at client’s home or workplace. You could host pampering parties, laguhter yoga parties and demonstration of treatments and Baby Reflex at your home or workplace (host gets a special discount) for aniversaries, birthdays, baby showers and special events. You could also purchase a gift voucher for any treatment or combination of treatments. There are considerable discounts and arangements available for booking three or six treatments, while members of NHS staff get a 20% discount on all treatments.

Contact information:
Mobile: 07920 013125


Katherine Howard MAR – Qualified Reflexologist


I qualified as a reflexologist earlier this year after studying at the Central London College of Reflexology. It has been an exciting journey into the world of holistic therapies and has given me an insight into how relaxation can truly have a beneficial effect on the mind, body and spirit.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works the reflex points on the hands and feet to help promote relaxation and wellbeing. It’s an adaptable treatment that can be tailored to suit your needs so that the duration can last anything from 15 minutes to an hour.

Reflexology is a route to relaxation. This is what my clients tell me. Tired, stressed or feeling sapped of energy prior to treatment, they often come away feeling utterly relaxed.

I did reflexology at a baby shower earlier this year. None of the ladies at the event had ever tried reflexology. Sat in my chair with foot balm at the ready, I waited and waited and waited until one lady opted to ‘give it a go’. Soon the others followed and I had just enough foot balm to keep up.

I think I get just as much out of reflexology as my clients do. It’s fulfilling to see someone who is stressed or tired come away from the treatment feeling relaxed and revived. Reflexology won’t necessarily change your life but it may make your day go a little smoother; it can help to alleviate all manner of stress-related conditions and provides an overall feeling of wellbeing.

I took part in the recent Staff Pamper Day and it was a pleasure to be there, meeting the other therapists and treating staff and patients. I just wish I had taken time out to enjoy some of the treatments too!

If you would like a reflexology treatment, I can be reached on 07796 172 814 or I offer affordable rates and can make home visits; multiple booking and group discounts are available.

I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR), the UK’s independent professional association for reflexology.




L.C.M Dip. MAR. A.P.N.T

Central London Practice Mobile visits available

As a qualified practioner, I offer single or combined treatments in massage, reflexology and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

For an appointment, please contact me by phone: 0207 589 8940 or 0798 923 8078 (mobile)



To view my Avon Brochure whenever you want and keep up to date with the latest products and special offers simply bookmark the brochure page.

Thank you!




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